Computers for America

Bringing freedom to those
in our community.

We provide free or inexpensive computers running free and open source software to aid in the aquiring of the next generation of jobs
and to facilitate self sufficiency.

Writing and Presentations
Web and Graphic Design
IT & Network Management
Home-based Education

All computers come installed with the following software:

Linux Based Operating System
The Gimp Drawing Software
Python Scripting Language
GNU GCC Compiler for C & C++ programs
Nginx Webserver Testbed for Web Applications
Abiword or Libreoffice Office suite
The US Constitution Free software, free country

And Documentation & e-Books on software and system

Open Source Logo
A breath of fresh air.

How we do it: by collecting and connecting community resources such as donations of new, old, or "broken" computers, and computer recycling centers. Then digging to find the right pieces, and finally installing and packaging the system to a ready state.

How to help:
Do you have old or unused computers, monitors, parts, or accessories?
Put them to use instead of throwing them away or having them take up space! We disassemble broken computers and bring them up to working order. If you'd like to help, but are at a loss with computer parts, we also happily take monetary donations. You may email me to schedule a pick-up or you can drop off items at my address on the bottom of the page.

Accepted Items:
Power Supplies
Fans & Heatsinks
PCI Devices
Wireless Hardware
Fans & Heatsinks
If something is attached to something in your computer we will take it

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